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By Connie Hansen

I wanted to make a sport equipment, where people could run all out, using their full physical and mentally potential. Just like I did in my racing wheelchair. It should be stable, maneuverable at high intensity. It has worked beyond our expectations and attracted a lot of kids and teenagers with cerebral palsy and other challenges

– Connie Hansen, founder of By CONNIEHANSEN ApS


We started as a very small business in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1990.Right from the beginning in 1990 our first product the PETRA Running bike challenged stereotypes of what people having Cerebral Palsy could or should do! The very first was made for Dane Mansoor Siddiqi who wanted to do road races like CPH Marathon.

A lot of young physical challenged athletes were running on their Frame Runners and in a short duration of time prototypes had brought them so much positive feedback that gradually they realised how popular Frame Running could become. That is when they started to re-design and construct different sizes to find the best combination for the most athletes.

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