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The values originate in the overall strategy for Meyland-Smith. They form the basis of our cooperation with partners worldwide as well as in Denmark, of the development of new products and of our teamwork within the company. They describe the company we are and the company we want to become in the sense that they serve as a guideline for the development that Meyland-Smith is in the middle of.

The three values are: closenessknowledge and functional design.

We provide the best possible service to the users of our products. We strive to maintain a close relation to our customers and the users of our products so they know that they can always contact us for help and advice.

Since the foundation of the company in 1901 we have established a large amount of knowledge based on experience. This serves as a basis for the development of new products. We want to extend and develop this basis through our communication with the users of our products and the collaboration with a range of relevant educational institutions.

The quality of our products is essential. We develop products in close contact with the current users of our products. This way it is ensured that we offer products that fulfil actual needs for future users.

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