EasyStand Glider

The EasyStand Glider is an active stander that provides reciprocal movement of the arms and legs while standing.

It provides active range of motion of the hips, knees, and ankles while strengthening the upper extremities.

Great for cardiovascular training, active stretching, strength and conditioning.

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Active standing technology in the EasyStand Glider enhances the many benefits of a passive stander.

The EasyStand Glider is the only stander that combines lower-body range of motion with upper-body strengthening while still receiving the health benefits of passive standing.

The EasyStand Glider actively promotes movement of the ankles, knees and hips creating greater range of motion, increased respiration and cardiovascular endurance.  Active weight bearing on the long bones is increased while gliding and the user experiences increased cardio circulation.

The EasyStand Glider configuration includes a small tray and chest pad, glide handles, adjustable resistance cylinders, flip-up kneepads, and adjustable footplates.

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Medium Large
Approximate height range 123cm – 167cm 152cm – 188cm
Seat depth range (seat pivot to flat back) 51cm – 64cm 61cm x 74cm
Seat to footplate range (from seat pivot) 34cm – 42cm 39cm – 47cm
Seat height 55cm 55cm
Knee width (centre to centre) 25cm 25cm
Tray/chest pad depth range – from seat pivot 13cm – 39cm 13cm – 39cm
Footprint (outer dimensions of base frame) 67cm x 104cm 67cm x 104cm
Weight of glider 78kg
Stride length 52cm 52cm
Thigh clearance (seat in relation to moveable flaps) 25 degrees 25 degrees
Glider tray size 19cm x 48cm 19cm x 48cm
Glider handle height (from seat pivot) 62cm – 85cm 62cm – 85cm
Glide handle extensions – bring handles closer 15cm
Glider seat – Roho insert size 18cm x 30cm 18cm x 30cm

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We offer a full assessment service as well as a free trial. Please complete our online enquiry form and request an assessment. Together we can tailor a solution that fits your unique needs and abilities.


Seat Adjustment

  • PNG50499 Easy-Adjust Seat Depth

Lift Mechanisms

  • PNG50010 Pow’r Up Lift

  • PNG50044 Quad Grip Handle Extension

  • PNG50070 T-Style Handle Extension

  • PNG50328 Adjustable/Removable Actuator Handle

Foot Plates and Foot Plate Accessories

  • PNG30030 Foot Straps-15″L

  • PNG30031 Secure Foot Straps-15″L

  • PNG50505 Foot Straps-21″L

  • PNG50506 Secure Foot Straps-21″L

Seats and Seat Accessories

  • PNG50345 Hip Supports – 10-15″ Range

  • PNG50353 Seat with Roho Insert

  • PNG50374 Hip Supports – 12-17″ Range

Tray/Front Supports

  • PNG50295 No-Tray Chest Pad


  • PNG50062 Contoured Back 15”H

  • PNG50066 Flat Back 15”H

  • PNG50067 Flat Back 19”H

  • PNG50068 Contoured Back 19”H

  • PNG50171 Removable Flat Back 15”H

  • PNG50172 Removable Contoured Back 15”H

  • PNG50173 Removable Flat Back 19”H

  • PNG50174 Removable Contoured Back 19”H

Positioning and Upper Body Support

  • PNG50535 Lateral Supports with Flat Pads-8″-16.5″W (pair)

  • PNG50536 Lateral Supports with Flat Pads-11″-19.5″W (pair)

  • P600002 Back Angle Adjustment Wheel

  • PNG11212 High Mount Chest Vest Bracket

  • PNG30021 Y-Style Chest Vest – 20.5″Lx12.5″W

  • PNG30028 Positioning Belt with Airline Style Buckle

  • PNG30029 Velcro Positioning Belt

  • PNG30056 X-Style Chest Vest – 14.5″Lx10.5″W

  • PNG30170 X-Style Chest Vest – 11″Lx9.5″W

  • PNG30171 Y-Style Chest Vest – 17.5″Lx11.5″W

  • PNG30306 Velcro Positioning Belt

  • PNG50034 Accessories Mounting Bracket

  • PNG50176 Lateral Supports with Curved Pads – 11″-19.5” W

  • PNG50192 Chest Strap – 5″Wx19″L

  • PNG50193 Chest Strap – 5″Wx24″L

  • PNG50224 Lateral Supports with Curved Pads– 8″-16.5” W

  • PNG50504 Chest Strap – 46″-66″

Head Supports

  • PNG50037 Head Support – 25″-34″ Range

  • PNG50240 Head Support – 21″-30″ Range

Other Accessories

  • P80246 Angle Locator

  • P80809 Tool Pouch

  • PNG50040 Push Handles