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Race Running - Key Contacts and Information

Anyone can run! RaceRunning is an innovative sport for people with a physical disability who have impaired balance, who are not able to functionally run, regardless of age. A RaceRunner trike is a custom built three-wheeled frame where the runner is fully supported by a saddle and leans against a chest support, propelling themselves forward by the feet (one or both), while using the hands and/or arms to steer.

Participating in RaceRunning provides each individual the freedom to move and run in a supported and balanced way without a walker, wheelchair or similar device. RaceRunning is a liberating sport and is available for those aged 3 – 103 who have impaired balance, be that cerebral palsy, brain injury, high leg amputations, arthritis, Parkinsons and many other balance impairments.

RaceRunning Australia was started in 2018 as a way to bring together and help develop the sport in Australia. RaceRunning Australia collaborates and connects with the key stakeholders in the athletics, therapy and RaceRunning sectors at a state, national and international level.


RaceRunning Australia (on behalf of Disability Sports Australia)
E: [email protected]

P: +61 2 8736 1221




New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory

  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA)
  • Athletics NSW
  • Little Athletics NSW


  • University of Queensland

South Australia

  • Athletics SA
  • Novita
  • Disability Recreation and Sport SA


  • Kidz Plus in Geelong
  • Monash Childrens Hospital
  • Maz Strong (Athletics Coach)
  • Disability Sport and Recreation
  • Cerebral Palsy Support Network
International presence of the sport

CPISRA manages the sport internationally. They have developed a classification system only for CP athletes with certain profiles. In addition to being included in the CPISRA Games, RaceRunning has also featured on the program for IPC and IWAS Youth Games.

As of 2018, RaceRunning is a recognised Para-Athletics event, however is not currently on the Paralympic program.


RaceRunning & Cerebral Palsy International Sports & Recreation Association (CPISRA)
Contact: Craig Carscadden (Technical Officer Athletics)
P: +44 1454 773993
E: [email protected]

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