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Hi-Low Multi Positioning System (MPS)

By July 11, 2019April 1st, 2020No Comments
Clinically sound, innovative design, exceptional value
The Hi-Low Multi Positioning System (MPS) is affordable, customised seating with built-in growth adaptability.
It offers choices of seat cushions featuring Special Tomato’s Soft-Touch material which makes the cushions tough, durable, and able to withstand deflating, cracking and fluids.
The Hi-Low MPS features Tilt-in-Space with child in seat, floor to table height adjustment and simple, tool-free adjustments.Standard features include:

  • Ergonomic push handles to provide comfortable grip for all heights.
  • Footrest angle, depth and height adjustment for optimal positioning.
  • The Hi-Low adjustment, providing the ability to raise or lower with child in seat.
  • Tilt-in-Space: -30º to 10º range of tilt adjustment with child seated.
  • All 4 castors are swivel and easy-lock for safety and control.
Options Include:
Lateral head support
MPS tray
Seat cushions
Versatile seating with built in growth
The Multi Positioning System (MPS) is designed to offer proper positioning support in multiple environments.  It is soft, lightweight and durable with modular seating to allow for individualised adjustment.  The soft cushions are tough, durable, able to withstand deflating, cracking and are impermeable to fluid.  These are supported by the seat shell.

Standard features include:

  • HipFlex adjustment that pivots 30 degrees to adjust the seat-to-back angle (15º hip flexion to 15º hip extension).
  • Back cushion that is height adjustable and contoured.
  • Height adjustable contoured head support.
  • Height and depth adjustable footrest.
  • Built-in attachment strap to secure the MPS to other chairs.


Lateral head support
Extended seat cushion
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