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RaceRunning Classification

By April 6, 2020April 8th, 2020No Comments

RaceRunning since it inception has used the CPISRA / IPC athletics classification system. Initially those athletes within classes T31 to T34 could compete in RaceRunning.


The athletes within these traditional classes were predominately wheelchair users and little or no credence was given to the leg function of the athletes. As the racerunner allowed these athletes to use their legs functionally, those involved in the sport felt that a functional classification system needed to be developed that would take account of leg function and how in general the athlete controlled the racerunner.


Since 2009 CPISRA agreed to develop such a system and the training material presented in this paper is the result of their research and development.


The RaceRunning classification system is an independent system and has no relationship to the traditional CP Classes.


Please find the full details of the Classification rules on the link below:





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