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RibCap – Winter range

By August 8, 2018April 1st, 2020No Comments
Ribcap Winter range is now available

RibCap helps make lives easier for those vulnerable to health problems like autism, seizures, and epilepsy, bringing them the best trendy soft helmets.
With these non-stigmatizing soft helmets, RibCap also achieves its objective of providing a safety solution that people will adapt for their daily use.

RibCap Lenny (available in Kids & Adult Version) is specially designed to fulfill the need of your child for an autism helmet, epilepsy helmet, or a general seizure helmet.
This fashionable beanie with a breathable protective foam protects your kid from any possible injuries for the entire day.
With Winter approaching, get the stylish RibCap Bieber as a soft protective helmet for your child.From mildly cool weather to moderate and intense weather, RibCap Bieber proves itself as an ultimate epilepsy helmet, autism helmet, or a general seizure helmet for kids.
RibCap Chessy is a modern looking soft protective helmet for your kid(s) in need of an epilepsy helmet, autism helmet, or a general seizure helmet.

Perfect to be worn in all variants of winter season, the specially integrated fleece keeps the head warm in addition to providing head protection against any injury for an entire day.

RibCap Iggy is available in Stripy or Brown. Made from the finest Merinowool on the outside and a layer of Coolmax inside, for the perfect combination of style & function.

Soft protection with style, light and comfortable to wear.
The Iggy is washable , foldable and storable.
Available in 3 different sizes for a perfect fit.

Click here for the complete Ribcap range and price list
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