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Cycling has significant health benefits to the rider

The PETRA RaceRunnner™ is a great choice if you:
  • Have cerebral palsy or other disabilities that affect mobility and balance – e.g. muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease or amputations.
  • Want to be able to run, move fast and do physical exercise in the outdoors.
  • Ideal for ages 3 and up

You can use the PETRA RaceRunner in the outdoors on a stable surface, on the track field, in the street or on a stable path in the forest.

The PETRA RaceRunner is designed for multiple activities including basic mobility, play, family rides, sport and physical fitness.

The rapid moving legs, tapping feet when running provide a full range of sensory impulses and challenge navigation skills.   RaceRunning encourages stepping and weight bearing.  Bone density increases and muscle bulk grow leading to better posture, general endurance and control of trunk and limbs.

Even wheelchair users and severe restricted persons can enjoy cardiovascular training.  As wheelchair users become runners –
they literally conquer land transforming their perspective of life.

Cycling is an exercise that can be enjoyed throughout life
 Theraplay trikes and special needs bikes make pedalling easier.

Looking good and feeling comfortable is important too, the modern styling of Theraplay cycles combined with quality cycle components and a choice of ten colours mean that there should be a cycle for everyone.

Their unique frame design allows the seat position to be altered in relation to the foot pedals and the handlebars to be adjusted to provide the rider with a comfortable and well supported seating position. If extra support is required, a range of interchangeable positioning accessories are available, and these can be added to customise the cycle.

Theraplay have incorporated a unique dual axle system into the design, reducing the running resistance of each rear wheel and when combined with a gearing system that can be changed to suit the rider it means Theraplay cycles can be enjoyed by riders of all abilities.

If the cycle looks good, the rider will feel good using it
See these bikes in action at stand #54

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Friday 5th and Saturday 6th July 2019

9am to 4pm each day

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