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Smik Wheelchairs

By February 20, 2019April 17th, 2020No Comments
Designed & Handbuilt in Australia
Each chair is built to prescriptionWe can custom build the chair to suit all needs and tastes.

A complete range of  seatingsupports and accessories are available

Although a compact wheelchair, the Buzzz is constructed to withstand the rigours of a child’s investigation and adventure.

The Smik Buzzz has Australian Standards approval and is designed for a maximum user weight of 50 kg.

Available in Seat Width of 10″, 11″ & 12″
Includes 4″ of Seat Depth Adjustment
Can be ordered with a 2″ Wide Growth Kit.

The Buzzz includes:Seat and Back cushions
Fold Down back canes
Quick release wheels
4″ Front Castors
20″ X-Core rear Wheels
Aluminium Seatpan
Flip up Footplates
Wheel locks
Removable Side Guards
Stroller Handle
Choice of 10 Standard Colours

A range of Solutions to suit the needs of all people

Custom Seating

We custom manufacture SBU Cushions and Backs here in Australia to suit the special requirements of your customers.
We also support many of the key brands, including Matrx, Jay, Stealth and more..

Custom Backs, Laterals, Headrests
We manufacture “i” backs, adjustable headrests, laterals to suit your clients requirements.
Head Positioning

Handmade SBU Headrests, including this Tripad, which is adjustable and lockable into a range of positions.

We can also supply many solutions including, HeadpodWhitmeyer and SAVANT from Symmetric Designs.

Body Positioning

We manufacture solutions such as Swing Away Shoulder keepers, and carry the range of AELWhitmeyer and Matrx laterals, Head rests, Foot positioners and more.

Accessories to individualise each chair

A handrim designed by a quadriplegic, to be easy to push and very comfortable on the hands.
Made of soft discs to increase performance and decrease fatigue.
Available in 4 colours and 24″ or 25″

Quokka Bags & New Cupholder
Various sized bags to position your valuables close by.
Two mounting options for angled or straight tubes.
New cupholder now available.
Easy to open and close.
Spoke Guards
Many different styles and sizes available from 20″ up to 24″.

Wheelchair Trays and ipad holders

We custom make Clear and Black Acrylic Trays to suit the needs of your customer.

We can also assist your client with solutions such as the ADALap tray and accessory system from Symmetric Designs.

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New Buzz demo units are currently being manufactured. Why not test one out and see how it can meet the needs of your customers?

Contact us for your free trial of these solutions

Contact [email protected] to discuss further

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