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The New Cross Runner has arrived

By April 4, 2019April 17th, 2020No Comments
See the Racerunners in action in Mackay on channel 7
The New Cross Runner has arrived from Connie Hansen

With the CROSS RUNNER  you can walk, jog or run in the great outdoors wherever you want. The CrossRunner frame is easy to separate and it is compact enough to store in the car boot. The large wheels, stable frame and optional wide tires enables you to get around outdoor places where a rollator, walkers and normal wheelchairs don’t do the job.

The CROSS RUNNER supports your body and reduces work load on your back, hips and knees, giving you a new chance to walk, jog or run safely and comfortably.

The CROSS RUNNER offers stability and allows you to increase distance and intensity. Take your dog for a walk or bike ride with the family. Stay healthy and in contact with people you meet on the way.

Available in two sizes
Contact [email protected] to arrange your trial.

What is Race Running?
Check out this great animation below, produced by researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

A Race runner for everyone!
The Connie Hansen range is available in 6 sizes to suit infants through to adults.

New Theraplay Bikes

Just arrived at Dejay are the Theraplay range of bikes from the UK.

Why Choose Theraplay?

1.The medium to large sizes fold so they will fit in a vehicle easily!

2. The Hitch is a 2 in 1 bike which can be used as a trailor bike or a 3 wheeled trike.
3. High quality components at an accessible price point.
We offer a free trial in your home, school or business.Contact us to learn more

Freedom Bikes

We can also help your child with the Freedom Range of Bikes.
Explore the full range at

We offer a free trial in your home, school or business.

Contact [email protected] to arrange your trial.
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