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What is Race Running?

By March 13, 2020April 17th, 2020No Comments
What is Race Running?
Check out this great animation below, produced by researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

Come & Try Race Running – Meet Connie Hansen

We are finalising details for Come & Try events throughout November.

Meet Connie Hansen, learn about Race Running, try out the bikes and meet others interested in the sport.

You can order or trial your own RaceRunner

Join in this exciting new activity, with over 1000 active Race Runner athletes now competing from over 30 countries world wide.

We are excited to offer this new range of bikes to support your next adventure.
The PETRA RaceRunner™ lets you walk, jog or run.

Whether you are seeking a recreational mobility solution, a physical challenge or just need a walker to get you from point A to B, the PETRA RaceRunning bike does the trick!

Available to trial and order now from the team at Dejay.

We have demonstration units available for trial! Contact us to lock in your free trial.

A Race runner for everyone!
The Connie Hansen range is available in 6 sizes to suit infants through to adults.
Freedom Bikes

We can also help your child with the Freedom Range of Bikes.
Explore the full range at

We offer a free trial in your home, school or business.

Contact [email protected] to arrange your trial.


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