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WHY Special Tomato?

By June 4, 2019April 1st, 2020No Comments
WHY Special Tomato?
Superior products for children with special needs
Supportive, stylish seating
Clinically sound, innovative design, and exceptional value
Hi-Low (MPS) Seating System
Height adjustable seating with built in growth NOW with more cushion choices from early intervention to adult. View it in action here
  • Affordable customised seating
  • Tilt-in-space with child in seat
  • Floor to table adjustment
  • Contoured cushion support
  • Tool free adjustments
  • Ergo harness design
  • Soft-touch® material
Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS)
Versatile seating with built in growth.  NEW Early intervention cushions for children as early as 9 months.  View it in action here.
  • Adjustable 5-point harness
  • Hip-flex® seat cushion
  • Height adjustable trunk & head cushions
  • Customise your cushion size
Soft touch sitters
Supportive, stylish seating..  View it in action here.
  • Three base styles to fit your needs
  • 5 sizes to fit any child
  • Sitters can be used in a variety of applications
Mobile activity tray
Portable and versatile tray for everyday use.  Designed to work with soft touch sitters.

  • Two sizes: short & tall
  • Height adjustable tray surface
  • Angle adjustable tray surface
  • Easy to move around a room
  • Four tray surface colour options
  • 2 year warranty
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