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Buddy Postura

By April 30, 2018April 1st, 2020No Comments

New products from RTD, a division of Dejay Medical P/L

Presenting the Buddy Postura

Interaction, Play and Learning from the team that built the successful Buddy Roamer.

A versatile 4 in 1 standing aid that provides secure postural support at a wide range of tilt inclines.

The minimal frame and ergonomic design facilitates peer level interaction while the open design means there are no obstructions to interaction.

4 in 1 Versatility

Supporting Vertical, Prone and Supine standing, the Postura also folds away for storage or transportation.

Available in either Manual or Powered versions

The Buddy Postura features:
Adjustable lateral supports
Telescopic Chest Pad
Individually Adjustable Knee supports
Individually Adjustable Foot plates
Lockable swivel castors
Locking Gas Spring or Linak electric actuator
Adjustable Tray – in prone or supine configuration
Adjustable Headrest for supine configuration
Ability to fold for storage or transportation.

4 in 1 Adaptability

Large growth range and easy adjustments mean the Buddy Postura will cover a wide range of children in a single unit

Smooth Manoeuvrability with four “Total Lock” castors

A stander that can be used in prone or supine

A Great value standing solution

At $4,500 for the manual model and $6,000 for the powered model, this high quality European stander is an ideal solution to help many people achieve their goals.

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