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EIO Push Chair

By July 22, 2019April 1st, 2020No Comments
Easy to fold and transport

Special Tomato EIO Push Chair, a mild to moderate positioning seat, designed for use by children in the age range of early intervention to preadolescence.
Accommodating children up to 40 kg, Ultimate comfort comes from head-to-toe padding, standard angle adjustment foot well, a 5-point comfort wrap harness and full recline capacity.  Enhanced with a lightweight, durable aluminium frame, which moves easily on all terrain, folds compactly for transport.  The canopy offers attractive, all-important protection, covered in easy-care, contemporary coloured fabric.

Standard Features

  • Padded head rest, hip and back laterals
  • 5-Point comfort wrap harness with chest strap and shoulder pads
  • Removable, adjustable canopy with window
  • Angle adjustable push handle with tether strap
  • Angle adjustable foot well from +15° to 55°
  • Adjustable recline from 25° to 75°
  • One touch rear red brake with spring suspension
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Medical necessities under tray
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Easy-to push airless 11” rear wheels
  • Easy-to push swivel-lock airless 9” front wheels
Options available:
Size 1 and 2 Soft-Touch liners
Size 1 and 2 Soft-Touch Sitters
Rain cover
Supportive style on the go
The Special Tomato Jogger is a lightweight, maneuverable stroller that does not compromise positioning.  With its super-light aluminium frame, the Special Tomato Jogger folds with ease and can be placed neatly into your vehicle.  The comfortable padded seat reclines and there is a protective canopy with a window that allows you to keep an eye on your child.
For children with mild to moderate positioning requirements, the Soft Touch Liners easily attach and the Jogger still folds with the liners in place.

Standard Features:

  • 3 wheels (12″ pneumatic tyres)
  • Front disc brake
  • Foot well with side-guard
  • Functional rear suspension
  • Reversible fleece / canvas insert
  • Rear parking brake
  • Recline seat-back
  • Canopy – folds with Jogger
  • 5-point harness
  • Height adjustable push handle
  • Thick padded seat and back surface
  • Quick release rear wheels
  • Folding latch
  • Latex free

Options Available:

Padded head support
Medical necessities bag
Rain cover
Size 1 and 2 Soft-Touch liners
Size 1 and 2 Soft Touch sitters
Sitter and liners available for the EIO and Jogger
The Soft-Touch®  sitters are comfortable yet supportive seating solutions that are latex-free, seam-free, peel-resistant and impermeable to fluids. They are soft to touch for comfort, but also durable and hygienic as they are made of anti-microbial material. The Soft-Touch Sitters are easily cleaned with common disinfectants and so are great for use with multiple children.

  • Assist in promoting proper head, neck and trunk alignment
  • Can be attached to a standard chair with attachment straps
  • Can be attached to the optional Tilt wedge or Mobile tilt wedge
  • Maximises total body comfort
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Available in lilac, aqua and dark grey
The New Soft-Touch® Liner™ offers an affordable alternative to other seating systems. It eliminates the need to transport heavy seating systems. The Soft-Touch® Liner™ is made of a soft-to-touch, easy clean material that is latex-free and anti-microbial. The contoured seat and back cushions promote good posture while sitting in a standard seating system for children with mild to moderate positioning needs. The seat and back cushions can be used separately or together. The Soft-Touch® Liner™ can be attached to most seating systems including but not limited to the following: strollers, highchairs, dining room chairs, restaurant chairs, and classroom chairs.

The two cushions of the Soft-Touch® Liner™ can be attached together for storage using the attachment straps. Keep it in the trunk of your car so it there when you need it!
Available in 5 sizes and 4 colours: aqua, cherry, lilac and grey.

SEAT CUSHION: Standard Features:

  • Soft contoured seat cushion
  • Built in abductor
  • Lap strap
  • Attachment strap

BACK CUSHION: Standard Features:

  • Soft contoured back cushion
  • Built in lateral supports
  • Attachment Straps
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