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EasyStand Evolv

By July 29, 2019April 17th, 2020No Comments

The EasyStand Evolv is the most supportive and comfortable sit to stand stander available.With over 60 options and configurations, each unit can be built specifically for an individual or facility.These options, that would normally be custom modifications, allow a stander to be configured for specific needs.

Available in 3 sizes – Medium, Large & XT
The optimal standing position has been perfected in the Evolv standing frame. By strategically placing the pivot points of the stander in line with the body’s natural pivot points, options like the hip supports, lateral supports, and head support remain in place from sitting to standing, minimising shear. When positioned correctly, the contoured seat provides a maximum over-centre stretch for various body types.The Evolv also accommodates for hip and knee contractures through proper positioning of the footplates and optional independent knee pads.Safety and Convenience
The Evolv standing frame provides a safe and supportive transition to standing. It allows the user to stand in three easy steps – adjust, transfer, and pump up. Both caregivers and users are more comfortable with the Evolv because of the safe and easy lateral transfer and supportive transition to standing.

Accessibility and Independence
The Evolv’s open base makes independent transfers easier. A larger Transfer Seat or Rotating Seat can also be added to make transfers more manageable. To make standing pivot or lift assist transfers easier, an optional Swing-Away Front or Removable Back can be added. The user can independently achieve the standing position with the manual hydraulic actuator or optional push-button Pow’r Up Lift.

Why Stand?
There are many documented health benefits of standingClick to find out more

The Evolv Advantage
  • Safer – The 3 point system provides the user with support in all positions.
  • Shadow tray – Provides constant anterior support between sitting and standing.
  • Quick use – For those that self transfer, it is a quick lateral transfer.
  • Assisted transfers made easier – Several options ease assisted transfers.
  • Comfortable – Critical areas are padded.
  • Acclimated standing – Newly injured and those that haven’t stood recently often need to acclimate to standing.
  • Full hip and knee extension – Allows for an over centre stretch of the hips and full extension of the knees.
  • Modular design – Accommodates both users needing little added support and those who require significant positioning to go from sitting to standing.
  • Prepare for Exoskeleton walking – The Evolv is the ideal partner for pre-walking needs before starting a walking program.
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